Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The answer to the Ultimate Question!

So long, and thanks for all the Crests!

Well, there we were. The spells were flying, the Choppa's were chopping, the Elves were dying... And we pushed them back to Altdorf. Not once, not twice, but THREE times in a 24 hour period were Order forced back and having to defend. Was a good experience getting all the way there, and then it was almost like the lag got given "Git to da choppa!". My first time in a city siege, and I was horrified. 5 second cast delays were the normal occurance for me during this. All in all, I believe that we got the PQ done about 4 or 5 times. We had waited around outside for all the silly people to rush in and fill up the Order filled instances, while we coasted along and took a nice, empty one. So the natural thought process is "Oh yes, its empty of Order. No lag for us." How wrong we were. Waiting 20 minutes for the PQ to reset the first time was the worst it got. 10 Minutes was the best.

There is no such thing as a pure healer

Mythic said it, I'm embracing it! I've gone DPS spec for a while, just for a laugh. People mock me, Order look upon me with disdain and think I'm free Renown, but then we pop into a scenario and I do the 2nd most damage on Destruction. Who can't DPS now eh? I'm quite excited to see what will happen if I ever get up to around 800 intelligence instead of hovering around 500.

Nice trick I found out on my AoE DPS spec was that I now have a spell called Winds of Insanity. This cool spell, roots me and knocks everyone in 30 feet around me back, hits them for about 180'ish and doesn't give them immunity. Now, that sounds pretty lame by itself, but I can do other stuff at the same time. So lets say we have 3 melee people, not slayers with their cone AoE though, trying to hit me. I get scared, cry, whinge, scream, and then I pop Winds of Insanity. They all go bouncing away, and I laugh. Now while they are bouncing helplessly in the air, I start casting some other spells. I throw out a Demon Spittle, which with my tactic debuffs their Corporeal Resistance and about 900 armor (melee loves it, yes they do). Then I spam Rite of Agony, which further annoys them by hitting those silly people bouncing in the air helplessly.

Through all of this, they have no immunity to knockbacks, so then when they can hit me again, I blast them away with my knockback and run away behind the by now arriving reinforcements and blast them with Chaotic Agitation, which is sort of like a Pit of Shades/Rain of Fire but focused on whoever has my Harbringer of Doom on them.

Tier 1 Malarky!

So it got to around 10:00pm GMT, and I'm bored. Don't want to fight the lag that is IC at this point, and I really don't want to be bothered with my Choppa right now. So I make a Magus called Robba. I was quite dubious about this class in the beginning, because I didn't like the range restriction they have of 65 yards on most of their DoTs. But then I realised something. Yes I'm super squishy and theres a million melee people running around in T1, and yes I will die almost instantly, but chances are with 3 DoTs ticking on most people, and me spamming the lash thing that hits everyone about 30 feet infront of me, then some of those bastards are coming with me.

Spent about 4 hours in Tier 1 oRvR and scenarios, and I've not had so much fun with a class ever. None of the one button spam that is Choppa/Slayer until 40. None of the abuse for heals that was my Zealot back then. Its pure, unadulterated killing, but killing in style. Will be a shame when I finally get my poor Robba to level 12 and have to move on to the less exciting, and vastly less populate Tier 2.

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