Sunday, 3 May 2009

Gief Cities!

Campaign for Extra Cities, or CAMPEC

My mate Bootae, over at has been campaigning for Mythic to give us the four other cities that were originally going to be included in the game. I hereby throw my support to this notion, and officially launch the Campaign for Extra Cities. This is something I would really love to see. Charging around inside the Black Ark, murdering and killing those pesky High Elves as they try to ruin such a great and wondrous sign of Evil, would be a blast.

I cast my mind back now to a time 7 or 8 month ago, when Mythic stated that while they were taking out the cities for the Greenskin and Chaos pairings, that they would implement them "in the future" on a rotating basis. What I thought would happen, would be something like you attack IC/Altdorf for 4 months, and then we get a nice patch where upon we would then start chopping our way through stunties to get to the Dwarven city, or punt High Elves off bridges to get to their home instead.

Why has this not been done yet? You've given us the extra four classes, made them horribly OP, then nerfed them into the ground to bring them in line with the others. Why not give us our cities? Check out Bootae's blog to see the very sexy looking gates that lead to the Dwarf, High Elf and Greenskin cities, which are sitting there in game... right now... not being used... ... ... COME ON MYTHIC, HURRY UP!

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