Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Patch love

Well I finally got a taste of the latest patch. And I have to say, I love the fixes to combat effectiveness. Finally my spells cast at the right speed when there isn't a huge strain on the computer, like that of oRvR. I finally enjoy playing my Zealot in oRvR again. Few problems with it are annoying me though.

Firstly, we haven't got our Gold Bags for holding a keep when the zone locks. According to Mythic, they didn't implement it yet. Its coming "possibly in a future patch". They said that this would be online and running with the new keep system, but yet again we got lied to.

Second is city siege. Again. With the new change, its all well and good that you can take a whole warband into the same instance, but it takes forever now. Spent 20 minutes the other night waiting outside Altdorf with my alliance, trying to get into an instance. In the end, I gave up and went to play some alts though. And when they finally did get in, the city server crashed twice. We were at 91% zone control on the first one, and I don't know what it was for the second, but that shows some serious problems server side. I really wanted to get my first Altdorf loading screen, but alas it was not meant to be.

Third we have fortresses. We got a perfect dual fortress take in prime time, but Shining Way crashed at least 4 times before it finally was taken. I wasn't trying for that one though, as my alliance was busy attacking the Dwarf fortress. When we finally did take it, two warbands worth of us were stuck outside because too many people were supposedly inside. That just boils my blood. We expended a lot of effort to get there, and then we can't get in? Not even that, but some members of some warbands got through, and we had to re-create two basically so that people inside and out were in the correct one. What was worse though, was that there isn't a portal or anything that you have to run through to change from Kadrin Valley to the fortress. You cross an invisible line, and if the place is "full", you get ported back to the warcamp. I got sent back at least 3 times trying to ride around the side, staying away from the Order gankfest so that we could keep them out.

Finally is the medallion system for getting the RvR armor sets. I once again use the Invader set for this example. Getting enough medallions doesn't seem to be too much of a problem, as they drop fairly often at that stage of the game. The thing I found incredibly annoying though, is that to get Invader Crests you need to kill a fortress lord, which means you have to be at one of the BO's closest to the fortress to get in there. I feel cheated that I didn't get the chance to get a chance to attack my first fortress or get a gold bag.

Other than that, I love the fact that I can now run the game on balanced or full effects the whole time, and still keep my group alive, even if all I'm doing is spamming group heals. I can't wait to get on later tonight and zerg my way through the new live event, Beyond the Sands. Come on Destruction, lets get our Airship built first so we can have fun in the new zone first.

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  1. OI! DRAN!

    Make sure you join up to the WCPI mate. It will help you get some more hits to get the ball rolling :)

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