Wednesday, 15 April 2009

New patch stuff

So I've been reading about on one of my favourite blogs, namely Wizards and Wenches, and came across the info for the token system in oRvR. I have just one thing I have to say about that...

I mean, to get the Invader gloves, its going to take a truck load of effort. I pull the numbers directly from WNW for this.

You have a CHANCE every kill to get a medallion, and you get a set amount for doing things such as locking down zones, taking BO's and keeps etc. You need 400 of these to get the kit. Oh, and did I mention you need to roll for it? BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!

You also need another bit of currency. Namely Invader Crests. These bad boys you only get for two things. You kill a renown rank 51+ person and get damn bloody lucky, and then win the roll amongst your warband, or you finish City Invasion PQs and then win the roll amonst the whole damn instance.

Sounds like fun doesn't it? This feels like grinding heroic badges in WoW all over again, only taking a crap load longer. I had imagined something similar to the system in place in DAoC with Darkness Falls, but I guess they're saving that for Land of the Dead.

Another thing I was reading about was the changes to weapon skill, toughness, and initiative. Am I the only one thinking that I need completely new kit, and that now my Sentinel/Annihilator mix just won't cut it any more? I mean, its great that useless stats now count, but this will make those pesky Ironbreakers even more pesky, by giving them in combat health regen on top of huge armor, crazy block/parry/dodge and hitting like a mack truck if they happen to be great weapon spec. But then again, being a squishy, even the flies hit me for as much as a tank does who's using a one-hander, and those hit me for up to 400 pretty regularly.

Seems to me that they don't want us healing for as much now, and would rather we focus on just reducing the damage we take from crits. Now that would be great, except for the fact that if I'm getting hit, I'm normally dead even without a crit because of the assist trains that happen when I pop up somewhere. There'll be me, minding my own business, healing the Choppa's that are cutting a swathe through Order and getting me some good renown, when suddenly all the other Destruction seem to vanish, and I'm surrounded by a sea of red names battering me down in under a second. They could of at least made Willpower the stat to affect HP regen in combat, to give us squishy healer types a chance to stay alive longer, rather than making it incredibly likely that we'll see tank archetypes running around in full toughness/initiative kit and taking literally zero damage.

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