Thursday, 6 August 2009

Rerolled from semi-gimped to 150% gimped!

Yes, its true. I've re-rolled (sort of) from my semi-gimped Zealot, who's biggest thing was Blessing of Chaos (25% increse to heals on crit), to a 150% gimped Magus.

I love my Magus, I love the idea behind a Magus, I love seeing all those pretty numbers sky-rocketing in scenarios even though I do almost nothing really. I lie, I get a lot of kills, but never 1v1.

What I don't love is the massive nerfbat that Mythic is constantly hitting my sexy new Magus with. By the way, she's called Robba Loldps. Uroo from Ancient Shadows, part of the Evil League of Evil alliance, suggested I call myself Robba OfBanks. I was tempted by Robba Baron, but until they fix my lovely new choice of class, I'm in protest.

And speaking of protests, take a look at these cracking videos of the protest that we staged on 27 July, to show just how we feel about the previously mentioned nerfbat whacky that we have undertaken.

And just for laughs, heres Roo's first video, Memoirs of a Maniac Magus, which made me fall in love with the class all over again, even after the nerfing. I mean come on, I was only 30 when the nerfbat beating hit me, and even I lost bloody 1.5k damage over all. That made me a sad panda :(

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